Ankitesh Unleashes.....

Well i made it.. lets see you like it or not!!

Music is a tool, you won't learn without practice and prior knowledge. I often come across questions by friends, when I just pick up an instrument and start playing without any prior knowledge, to whom I reply, all one needs is to play music first in mind and then it jot down on his instrument, whatever he is playing. Music for me is unarguably a mental performance rather than physical.
I remember when I was judged by my Violin guru, Shri G N Kapoor, who before taking me as his student asked me to tune up a Taanpura, which I did tuned to fairly decent perfection only coz of the Vocal teachings I had in music. For me it was replication of what I was thinking in mind.
I would advise people who read this and are related to music to stop playing instruments by reading notes. 
I also want you to know that 'Indian Music', though tethered in its present form, is an awesome experience. There is no restriction for you to create your own stuff out of it, say, Shankar.E.L are doing phenomenal in their music compositions, hardly people know about their Classical-Music base. Other master is John McLaughlin, who has done a lot in popularizing Indian Classical-Music across the globe. India is own such country which has given a lot of Culture to Humanity, its ours (your and mine) duty to carry it with ourselves, not to dump it or let it being dumped.


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