Ankitesh Unleashes.....

Well i made it.. lets see you like it or not!!

The Samsung Galaxy S II has been one of the hottest selling devices in the world, and also arguably one of the best smartphones in the world.

The handset is available in countries across Asia, Europe and other continents (excluding North America) where the demand has been gradually increasing. And not surprisingly, the Galaxy S II has reached a new milestone. This time in terms of sales. Well, the handset reached the 1 million sales mark recently within a month of its launch, and now the handset has managed to cross sales of over 3 million units within 55 days of its launch.

The Galaxy S II has now bettered the Samsung Galaxy S which took 85 days to reach the 3 million sales mark. It is said that a unit of the Galaxy S II is sold every 1.5 seconds.

Well, this seems like a great year ahead for Samsung with the Galaxy S II doing pretty well in the market and mind you, the handset has still not hit North America yet, where the users are heavily anticipating the handset’s launch. Meaning that the handset could sell a lot more when that happens.

The original Galaxy S sold over 10 million units worldwide, and its successor could exceed its sales without any trouble. In the UK, the handset has been one of the most desired phones with Samsung being the top selling handset manufacturer over a period of 17 weeks. In India, the handset is sold out with most retailers. This speaks volumes of the handset’s demand in the country.

Well, the Galaxy S II is the handset that everybody were waiting for. Ever since it was unveiled at the MWC in Barcelona, people have been excited to hear about the handset. And some people feel it has all the makings of being one of the greatest smartphones ever made. Though in terms of build quality, most people weren’t impressed (me included). That however doesn’t steal away the show from the Galaxy S II.


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