Ankitesh Unleashes.....

Well i made it.. lets see you like it or not!!

Mineral water bottle in hand, Rahul Gandhi marches in rural India

With his starched kurta-pyjama and white Nike sneakers, the Congress general secretary was unlike any other politician the villagers had seen in their midst.

As he walked on, displaying the confidence of a seasoned politician, occasionally folding his sleeves, a large number of police and commandos followed him.

Also accompanying him were a large number of villagers -- who have been protesting for weeks against what they say is the forced takeover of their land by the Uttar Pradesh government.

After reaching Bhatta Parsaul village shortly after dawn despite being denied permission to hold a rally there, the young Gandhi hit the village of Nangla Bhattauna -- his third halt -- by noon.

He took six hours to cover the 12 km distance. In all, Gandhi covered five villages and 19 km Tuesday.

While he kept sipping bottled water, his supporters used hand pumps in the rural belt to quench their thirst.

In between, Gandhi stopped for a two-hour break at the house of farmer Rajbir Singh.


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